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Tactical shooting (beginner and intermediate)

Tactical shooting (beginner and intermediate)

Carbine: This course covers all the essential aspects of marksmanship, gun handling, and mindset. Shoot from various positions and learn how to use them to conform to available “cover” in an outdoor shooting environment.

Pistol: The course will cover the fundamentals of marksmanship, including combat reloads vs. tactical reloads, weapon malfunctions, pivots and turns, single movements and the use of barricades. In addition to the range drills, we will gather a baseline of your performance in both pistol and rifle using the “operators” standards shoot in different light conditions and transition drills before and after the course.

Stop the bleed course and an introduction to Tactical Combat Casualty Care will also be part of the curriculum of this course. Course duration is 4 days.

Special Summer Price: $1899

Price includes full board (travel to host country not included)

Next course start date: October 21st in Namibia

As a premium add on, we offer a six-day private safari with a tour guide after the Tactical shooting course. See Africa's "Big Five" here. (limited availability, ask for pricing)

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