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What We Do

Founded in 1997, Global Protection Shield (GPS LLC) has been at the forefront of certified low-profile, high-risk personal protection, adhering to the strict guidelines for protecting persons set by the State of Bavaria, Germany. The inception of GPS was in response to the attacks on conventional security details in the early 1990s. Recognizing the necessity for low-profile close protection specialists in high-risk situations, the Bavarian Government necessitated the establishment of GPS to provide enhanced risk management solutions for federally recognized protected persons.

GPS is leading the way in production security management. Honorary Emmy Award for security management.

Specialized Advanced Training

We provide specialized training and customized courses :

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
Survival in the bush

K-9 units

And many more...

Specialized Advanced Training

TV and Film Production Safety Management

The unified management of staff of security, safety, and Emergency Medical Service personnel affords an integrated, high-quality, rapid response alarm and rescue chain, and therefore, provides the best treatment for patients.

TV and Film Production 
Safety Management

Protection for Executives
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One of the most important factors in choosing the right bodyguard is CONFIDENCE. In addition to technical skills, the bodyguard must have intuition and discretion in order to avoid combat situations from the outset.

Protection for Executives

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