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Protection for executives

One of the most important factors in choosing the right bodyguard is CONFIDENCE. In addition to technical skills, the bodyguard must have intuition and discretion in order to avoid combat situations from the outset.

Protection for Executives

GPS medics and rescue teams for extreme terrain

GPS Medics & Rescue Teams are leading international specialists in the provision of medical services and rescue operations around the globe.

Protection for Executives

Specialized Advanced Training

We provide specialized training and customized courses :
Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Protection for Executives

TV and Film Production
Safety Management

The unified management of staff of security, safety, and Emergency Medical Service personnel affords an integrated, high-quality, rapid response alarm and rescue chain, and therefore, provides the best treatment for patients.

Protection for Executives

Security all-terrain medic technician

This course presents the concept of emergency medical care in the security sector and identifies techniques to determine and plan rescue and life support in austere environments and hostile areas.

Protection for Executives

First Medic Responder All-Terrain

Learning that improves your behavior in dealing with emergencies and promotes stress management. This course introduces the concept of medical first aid and teaches techniques for rescue and lifesaving operations in harsh environments and hostile areas.

Protection for Executives

Tactical shooting (beginner and intermediate)

Carbine: This course covers all the essential aspects of marksmanship, gun handling, and mindset. Shoot from various positions and learn how to use them to conform to available “cover” in an outdoor shooting environment.

Protection for Executives

Team Building Course Africa

Learning that changes your behavior and attention and promotes mindfulness.

Our team building course in southern Africa is an exotic gem.

Protection for Executives
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