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First Medic Responder All-Terrain

First Medic Responder All-Terrain

Learning that improves your behavior in dealing with emergencies and promotes stress management. This course introduces the concept of medical first aid and teaches techniques for rescue and lifesaving operations in harsh environments and hostile areas.

The course uses simulated examples in the field to teach how to provide authentic first aid at a high level. The training is clearly demonstrated in examples by experienced paramedics from Europe. Handling Simulated Emergencies is a new and successful educational program originally developed by military special forces to promote maximum professionalism, performance and safety. The advantage of this course is the large number of simulated emergencies in a realistic environment. The student will learn to be proactive and to help people in need with the skills he has learned. Course timeline: 3 ½ days

Pricing: $685 - Price includes full board (travel to host country not included). Next course start date: July 19th in Namibia, October 10th in Namibia

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